Antec USB Powered HDTV Bias Lighting

Create a stunning ambience and give your eyes a break with the Antec USB Powered HDTV Bias Lighting system. Providing depth behind your TV and reducing the strain put on your eyes while watching TV this LED light strip is easily plugged into any USB port for power. Attaching directly onto the back of the TV, it remains completely and totally hidden while illuminated. The Antec USB Powered HDTV Bias Lighting strip works with virtually any TV screen an dis 60 inches in length and the super handy and long power cable comes in at 45 inches. Weighing in at only 3.2 ounces, the Antec USB Powered HDTV Bias Lighting provides brilliant bright light without weighing down your TV unit. Instantly adding depth to any space and helping your eyes adjust comfortably, this clever lighting system will complete the design of any room big or small.


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