Blue Microphones TIKI Dual-Mode USB Condenser Microphone

The new Tiki is the world’s first USB microphone that mimics the intelligence of human hearing by focusing on desired sounds, minimizing background noise and knowing when to mute altogether.

Tiki’s two modes give any Skype user, podcaster or musician the versatility to quickly choose the best option in any situation.
First, Intelligent Speech Mode brings your voice to the forefront of a conference call or chat while noise-canceling technology simultaneously minimizes unwanted, competing background noise.
Natural Recording Mode captures a wide range of sources from vocals to acoustic guitar, recording high-fidelity audio with exceptional clarity. Tiki sets a new standard for crystal clear audio for wherever you go.

Intelligent ultra-compact USB microphone
Brings your voice to the forefront using voice isolation and noise-cancelling technology
Improves vocal clarity for online communication like Skype and iChat, and voice recognition software
Reduces computer fan and typing noise by intelligently auto-muting
Recording mode optimized for podcasts and music recording
Multi-colored LED indicates muting status and more

Compatibility: PC and Mac with USB 2.0+
Set Up: Plug ‘n play with no drivers needed
Audio: CD-Quality, 16 but 44.1k, 40Hz – 20kHz
Inner Workings: Two custom condenser capsules with advanced DSP
Includes: Extended docking cable and carring case
Size: Less than 3″


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