Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

Struggling to keep up the pretence that you can handle yourself in the kitchen? Coco Pops are your signature dish and the last person to come for dinner was your neighbour’s cat? Drop is about to change all that.

This connected kitchen scale couples with your iPad and guides you through each step of your bake – equipping you with the skills of a seasoned culinary master.

No more of this ‘weighing all your ingredients individually’ malarkey. Simply sling ’em all in and Drop will tell you when you’ve reached the right amount. What’s more, it’ll offer scrumptious recipe ideas, rescale recipes to suit and offer replacement ingredient suggestions should your cupboard run out of an item.

Not just for the sweet-toothed, Drop is also ace for rustling up the likes of granola, burgers and sorbets – whatever your stomach desires.


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