Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter

You don’t see many people on unicycles these days. Why? Because they’re clumsy contraptions and you look silly riding them. Two wheels are just better. So why does everyone slice their pizza with a single wheel like a fool? The world is crying out for the Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter.

Looking just like a shrunken version of its real-life counterpart, this beautiful single-speed slicer uses both of its wheels to carve through your pizza – meaning it’s at least twice as good as any other pizza cutter in the world! Available in two striking colour combos (Watermelon and Bumblebee) and with its own handy stand, you can proudly leave it out on display, ready to ride at any time.

This miniature two-wheeled wonder effortlessly navigates through poorly parked pepperoni, around deep puddles of chilli oil and straight through red lights peppers. So saddle up and embark on your own “Tour d’Italy” across an edible landscape of delicious warm pizza.


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