heloBottle is the world’s best water bottle ever invented that provides 9-function-in-1 for both hydration and lifesaving. The world’s only portable water bottle that provides double stages of water purification that supplies clean, safe, drinkable water for daily hydration as well protection to the world travelers. heloBottle has many incredible features and benefits in promoting health, convenience in traveling, safety, entertainment, and overall lifestyle. heloBottle has an advanced dual layer disposable microporous (10 micron-0.5 micron) filter cartridge, fast flow system that can filter out impurities and microbes in contaminated water and make 10 liters of clean water each cartridge preventing diarrheal illness in people in the disaster area, in developing countries while the clean water supply or sanitary equipment is not yet readily available. To further purify the water, heloBottle has a built-in advanced semiconductor grade UV light purifier that weakens and destroys bacteria and viruses in water post filtration.
 What’s better than to keep the desired temperature of your drink cold or hot for many hours? heloBottle has a vacuum double wall insulated design that can maintain liquid temperature for many hours.


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