KumbaCam 3 Axis SmartPhone Stabilizer

KumbaCam presents you with the best 3-axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer on the market. This is a must have for getting smooth, professional footage using a smart phone. Smart phones are getting better and better with video quality, supplement that with our handheld gimbal stabilizer and you will get amazing footage!

The KumbaCam 3-Axis SmartPhone Gimbal Stabilizer features a motorized 3-axis powered gimbal designed to keep your smartphone level as well as isolate it from hand shake. The KumbaCam SmartPhone Stabilizer works extremely well, smoothing out videos significantly. Whether your running through the woods, leaping up stairs, walking through a house, or standing still panning a scene; you’ll be amazed at the difference in quality you can get when using this stabilizer.

The unit’s clamp holds most android and iPhone smartphones currently on the market. It works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. We include a weight that can be screwed onto the side of the Gimbal which can act as a counter-weight for heavier devices.

The Stabilizer has 3 different modes which can be changed as simply as tapping the mode button. From the on position (Heading Follow Mode is the default mode), press the Mode button once to change into Heading Mode (Keeps the phone pointed in the same direction) or tap the Mode button twice to change into Locking Mode (Keeps the phone pointed in the forward direction from the Handle).

The KumbaCam SmartPhone Stabilizer is a very user friendly, easy to use, quality device that anyone can learn to enjoy!

Included in Package: KumbaCam Smartphone stabilizer, USB Updater, 18350 battery Charger, 2 x 18350 Rechargeable 3.7v batteries (900mAh each cell) , Bluetooth remote shutter, Upgrade balance part and sponge included for larger Samrtphones.


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