Lola Over-Ear Hi-Fi Headphones

CLEARLY. DIFFERENT. – Lola completely reimagines headphone design so you can hear more of your music than ever before-details that traditional headphones have hidden from you. Custom 50mm drivers and advanced ergonomics combine to deliver mind-blowing audio on everything from studio gear to laptops, tablets and phones. These are no ordinary headphones-with Lola, you’ll hear your music with new ears. VISIONARY HEADBAND DESIGN – Lola’s unique multi-jointed headband was inspired by the finely tuned suspension of Formula One racecars. It’s elegant. It’s comfortable. And it adapts to a variety of head shapes and sizes. Simply put, it’s a level of fit and comfort that isn’t even possible with other headphones.

This innovative design creates a perfect seal around your ear, and a perfect fit around your head-resulting in powerful bass response, improved isolation and reduced sound bleed. PRECISION HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – With most headphones on planet Earth, you adjust the height of the ear cups by yanking them down. Lola’s height adjustment happens in a completely different way. The adjustable pivoting arms let the ear cups float into place and move with you. It’s a personalized fit that allows you to spend more time enjoying music with your headphones. EARCUPS SHAPED LIKE EARS – Lola’s ear cups are actually shaped like ears so they fit precisely, providing a better seal for superior isolation and ambient noise reduction. This design even lets the drivers breathe more for premium sound reproduction. ACCURATE AND INSPIRING – Lola is the first headphone that’s both accurate for critical listening, and inspiring for songwriting. How’s that possible? Through custom driver design and tuning, innovative cabinet architecture, and personalized fit, Lola is world’s first precision headphone that’s also a pleasure to listen to.


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