Rosle Kitchen Torch

Located in the Bavaria region of Germany, family- owned Rosle has been steadily creating the best tools and utensils in the world since 1888. Each Rosle product joins design and function in perfect harmony. 18/10 stainless steel is used in production providing a professional utensil that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but hygienic, neutral to flavors and odors and easy to clean. During the development phase – which lasts from 1 to 2 years on average – each product goes through a trial period where it is critically evaluated by cooking schools and professional chefs. During production, Rosle utensils go through an elaborate manufacturing processes and only leave the premises after passing strict quality control. Professional and home chefs alike sing the praise of this integrated collection, widely recognized as the best on the market. With German design and unrivaled material, Rosle continues to receive prestigious design prizes and a growing list of awards. The team at Rosle has thought of everything when designing this torch. With a temperature up to 2372 degrees F, this torch will quickly caramelize the top of a crème brulee without warming the custard. Can be used for roasting peppers and removing the skin from tomatoes. It is safe and easy to use: it has an adjustable gas dial to regulate flame size and a child resistant safety switch for an important added safety feature. The 0.04 qt gas reservoir guarantees up to 60 minutes of operation with a continuous flame. A sturdy stand provides convenient storage and protects gas intake valve from crumbs and debris. Appliance is empty on delivery, easy to fill with commonly available lighter gas (butane/propane), GS and TUV approved. Lifetime warranty.


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