Sound Sommeliers by Kvart and Bølge

This is the Loudspeaker that “bowled over” the Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg on CNET. While new technologies have become available to make loudspeakers smaller and smaller, we have used these same technologies to make them better and better while still keeping them quite small. Small and elegant enough to be a beautiful design element in practically any living or working environment. Built with and around the ingeniously simple design of Danish / Norwegian audio expert Bjørn Johannesen whose novel approach has gathered a loyal following the DYI community, the results are currently surprising to even seasoned professional reviewers like Steve “Audiophiliac” Guttenberg; through our full range approach, our system offers stereo imaging that multi-way speakers simply cannot produce. At the same time, the quarter wave technology produces much more natural basses than bass reflex systems can. Since our acoustic concept lets us use a single loudspeaker, complex crossover circuitry is not required, leading to uniquely undistorted, organic sound.

Made from high quality materials with an aluminum frame and cast iron foot for stability and weight, our Sound Sommelier series is clearly built to last. You can connect these speakers your existing amplifier using standard banana plug cables or buy as a bundle using our outright tiny Kvart & Bølge Microfidelity amplifier in one of two versions: connecting either through Bluetooth to your phone or computer or to existing components via common RCA cables. Our unique process let´s you even customize our speakers to any color or design imaginable. so while shown in a particular design here, you can order our custom speaker with anything you you artistically connect with your music. Whether you just want to “match the drapes” or come up with something very personal, we´d be happy to work with you to build your very own Kvart & Bølge Sound Sommeliers.


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