SpinChill: Portable Drink Chiller

The SpinChill clips onto the top of the warm drink. It’s then placed on ice and spins the drink, chilling it 20 times faster. Chilling Times: Beer/Soda cans: 1 minute Glass Bottles: 3-4 minutes Plastic Bottles: 3-4 minutes Wine/liquor: 5-7 minutes

Portable Drink Chiller. Chill a drink down in 1 min.
Rapidly chill canned and bottled beverages. Works on beer, soda, and wine.
Drinks do not fizz or foam from being SpinChilled.
Water Resistant: throw it in ice or ice water and let it chill your drink.
Great for tailgating, golfing, boating, and Bar-B-Ques.


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