Structure Sensor 3D Scanner

The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. Simply clip it to a compatible mobile device, and you can instantly enable a completely new set of possibilities. Capture detailed, full-color 3D scans of objects or people. Capture every measurement in a room in just seconds. Or play mixed reality games where virtual elements are locked precisely to the real world around you. Designed for iPad and iPhone, yet hackable to be used with Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms too.

Space: the final frontier for your mobile device.
Until now, the physical space around you has largely been untouched by software. With the Structure Sensor attached to your mobile device, however, that all changes. Instead of taking flat two dimensional pictures of people and things, you’ll capture precise, full-color 3D models of them. The games you play will no longer be relegated to your device’s touchscreen; instead, they’ll integrate and interact with the real world around you. And, by giving your device 3D vision, you’ll be able to do incredibly practical tasks, like capturing every single measurement of a room in just a few short seconds.

From the research lab to your living room
The Structure Sensor is one of the most sophisticated accessories ever developed for mobile devices. Along with the Structure SDK, it brings cutting-edge computer vision capabilities to the iPad or iPhone you already own. In a decade, the 3D applications and capabilities enabled by the Structure Sensor will be taken for granted on our devices, much like how we expect a great color camera now. But you’ll get to experience – and show off – the future of spatial computing first.


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