Z3 GPS Goggle by Zeal Optics

Zeal Z3 GPS goggle takes electronic-integrated goggle to the next level with an improved display, new frame design, and second generation technology
The Z3 GPS Goggle from Zeal Optics is a stylish and virtually indestructible pair of goggles designed for outdoor adventures and sports such as skiing. The HD lens technology and anti-fogging process combine to provide perfect clarity and a sweeping view while you’re screaming down the slopes. You get 100 percent UV protection, and the frame is built to be impact resistant. In other words, you may break a bone or chip a tooth in a skiing accident, but your Z3 GPS goggle will not sustain any damage. The best part, of course, is that it’s integrated with the Recon MOD GPS system. The view-finder displays your stats live while you’re tumbling down, so you can’t say afterwards that you didn’t know what was happening.


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