ZIPP Bluetooth Speaker by Libratone

The Libratone Zipp Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi speaker is adorned with a high-quality tan Italian leather carrying strap as well as an interchangeable Salty Grey Italian wool cover to suit any home decor, personal preference and design aesthetic. With 1 x 4″ bass, 2 x 1″ ribbon based tweeters, 60W total, Full Digital Amplification 2.1 Stereo system with FullRoom DSP optimization, the Zipp provides mind-blowing audiophile grade sound performance. Additionally, the acoustic performance boasts a frequency range of 60-20.000 Hz with a maximum output of 96 dB SPL/1m. Zipp is battery driven up to 8 hours wired or up to 4 hours wirelessly per charge. Compatible with iOS devices, Windows and Android, and Mac/PC. Users are provided with a wide array of playing options from USB audio, a 3.5 mm analog mini-jack to Airplay, DLNA, Bluetooth 4.0 in APT-X CD-quality and Near Field Communication. Bluetooth eliminates the need for a Wi-Fi access point, while Near Field Communication (NFC) via Android makes Bluetooth pairing and setup a breeze. Customize the FullRoom performance of your Libratone Zipp, with the free Libratone app, to match the placement of your speaker in the room and the type of audio it plays. Enjoy a FREE bonus cover upon product registration at: Designed and engineered in Denmark.


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